Rubber - lined butterfly valve and rubber - lined gate valve features and options

Rubber - lined butterfly valve and rubber - lined gate valve features and options

Rubber lined butterfly valve and rubber lined gate valve their own characteristics and choice of rubber lined butterfly valve is mainly used in the oil, water and electricity and other fields, generally is a sealed structure.Due to the material problem, it is not suitable for use in high temperature and corrosive industry, but it is much stronger than the traditional butterfly valve high temperature resistance, but in the process of use actually to pay attention to the place or more, we will understand it in the process of use should pay attention to the place.

1. Pay attention to its scouring position

Especially in the state of the valve plate open, because if in the normally open state or positive scour, will directly affect its soft seal effect, so in formal use should avoid positive scour, maintain its basic seal performance.

2. Pay attention to its specific use environment

Because the structure of the line with rubber butterfly valve there is some difference with the other valves, so if you want to use words should be above the path DN200 valves environment, it is because of its valve plate is that one kind of thick, so the overall flow resistance is relatively large, if under this standard, effect is not very good, but also for the valve wear degree is higher.

3. Stress issues need to be addressed

In the normal use of the process of high pressure, the pressure inside the valve is tight, if the pressure of the flow is greater than the pressure inside the valve, sealing performance will be affected, the flow will leak.

These considerations are to improve the sealing performance of the rubber lining butterfly valve and extend its use time, so be sure to pay attention when using.The characteristics of this valve is more, with the basic advantages of the valve, but also has its unique, such as aging resistance, which is not many valves.

Gate valve is one of the most common valves in our daily life. Today, I would like to introduce one of them -- rubber lined gate valve.

Type of rubber lined valve brake

Rubber gate valve type is more, from the drive mode can be divided into manual, pneumatic, electric and so on four, from structural mode and can be divided into bright bars and dark bar, if again subdivided into sealing structure can be divided into soft seal and hard seal, the commonly used material generally is cast iron, stainless steel, such as relatively hard material.

Features of rubber lined gate valves

1. Simple structure and good rigidity

The internal structure of this type of valve gate valve is very simple, because its parts are relatively few, and because the use of stainless steel, such a hard material, so the rigidity is better, the overall use time is relatively long.

2. Simple operation

The volume of the gate valve lined with rubber is relatively small, and due to fewer internal parts, so the steps in the operation will not be too much, and maintenance is very convenient, do not need to spend a lot of effort, so the general staff training is able to master the operation and maintenance skills.

3. Fewer restrictions

The flow direction of the media of the rubber lined gate valve is not limited by various factors, and the valve itself will not disturb, and will not reduce the pressure brought by the flow, is less limited.

These features are common to all its types, so no matter what type of rubber lined gate valve is available, and the application range is very wide, in the chemical, natural gas and other industrial sectors is common, in daily life can also be seen.