The main difference between static balancing valve and dynamic balancing valve

Time: 2020-04-08
Summary: As static balancing valve water control and to improve the balance ability, more and more people begin to pay close attention to the future development of static balancing valves and dynamic balancing valve's future development, in addition to the two application purpose, installation position and the difference between the price a little difference between positioning difference, in some cases also can use replacement parts and functions.

According to a large number of market sales data show that the static balance valve sales and applications have crossed the high-speed development of the train track, high quality static balance valve more and more by each family attention and love.Many people after comparing the difference between static balance valve and dynamic balance valve are generally considered static balance valve application value is slightly higher than the dynamic balance valve, now on the difference between the two for a brief analysis:

1. The purpose of application is slightly different.Static balance valve is through adjusting the total resistance of the total water flow through the main valve to adjust the size of the flow.It is to pass the water flow according to the different application of each branch to adjust the corresponding proportion, balance and adjust the flow value of each branch.The dynamic balance valve is mainly used to control the temperature control of the valve due to frequent action caused by branch pressure imbalance.

2. Difference of installation location.Static balance valve and dynamic balance valve installation location is sometimes the same, sometimes different, this needs to choose a more appropriate balance valve according to the needs of different occasions.Static balancing valves are mainly used to control the differential pressure balance of water flow, so they are often used in the installation of water supply or heating systems.Dynamic balancing valves are either installed in the supply pipe system or in the return pipe system.

3. Differences in price positioning.From the feedback data of a large number of market sales, the price of static balance valve is slightly lower than that of dynamic balance valve.But the number of components composed of static balance valve is slightly lower than the number of dynamic balance valve, so from its own cost of dynamic balance valve is slightly higher.

With the static balance valve water control and balance capacity of the continuous improvement, its application scope basically covers each different corner.More and more people began to pay attention to the future development of the static balance valve and the future development of the dynamic balance valve, the two in addition to the application of a slight difference in purpose, the difference in the installation position and the difference in price positioning, in some cases can also achieve the replacement of part of the use.

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