Let design be everywhere in Yantai, the top ten projects of the international industrial design city are released

Let design be everywhere in Yantai, the top ten projects of the international industrial design city are released


Let design be everywhere in Yantai, the top ten projects of the international industrial design city are released

Let design be everywhere in Yantai, the top ten projects of the international industrial design city are released

On July 18, the launching ceremony of Yantai City's creation of an international industrial design city was grandly held in the International Design Town. Liu Ning, president of China Industrial Design Association, announced the ten major international industrial design cities at the meeting.

Liu Ning believes that holding the launching ceremony for the creation of a famous international industrial design city is a tribute to the future and embracing the world for companies and the entire city that have just experienced the baptism of the war against the epidemic and are accumulating strength and are preparing to set sail for innovation. The flute is to promote the integration and symbiosis of the industrial chain, the integration and development of innovative resources, and the construction of a large-scale platform for enterprise cross-border cooperation. It is an important cultivation of China's participation in international cooperation and competition and new advantages in the new situation.In the past ten years, innovative technologies have developed rapidly. The power of artificial intelligence, block chain, cloud computing, big data + 5g new technologies has promoted the rapid iteration of the industry cycle, impacting the productivity and production relations of the real society, a new generation of information technology It is undergoing extensive and deep integration with the real economy, giving birth to more and faster market opportunities.

Driven by multiple forces such as policies, technology, and markets, the pace of industrial design innovation is accelerating, and application development is rapidly changing. The combination of artificial intelligence-based intelligent design and the industrial Internet opens up unlimited imagination for intelligent manufacturing. The scope of exploration and application is also determined by physical Rely on the relatively heavy manufacturing field to rapidly extend to the digital information field, industrial incubation field, intelligent manufacturing field, and industrial Internet field. Become one of the best innovative models for responding to rapid market changes, continuously launching iterative products, creating an era group brand, linking user big data and mass customization. The design industry has therefore become an emerging industrial force.

Industrial design integrates the value of demand and data, technical possibilities, and the feasibility of commercial success, turning ideas and opportunities into value. Mastering the design innovation model can quickly improve the organizational efficiency and innovation quality of products, services, processes and strategies. Industrial design can be a product upgrade and user experience improvement, it can also be a process and business model re-engineering, or even a major change in corporate social value.

In recent years, China has attached great importance to industrial design, and has written industrial design into its five-year national economic plan for three consecutive times. Various national ministries and commissions, as well as Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Hebei Xiong'an, etc., have intensively introduced policy support, held high-standard and high-level industrial design activities, and strived for the National Industrial Design Award and the National Industrial Design Institute , To snatch high-end industrial design talents. In October last year, the World Industrial Design Conference and International Design Industry Expo was held in Yantai. A large number of new technologies, new products, new services, new formats, and top talents from all over the world gathered in Yantai. The light of kinetic energy is shining in the east of the world. Hui, based on the Sino-German Industrial Design Center and Shandong Industrial Design Research Institute, the conference produced a series of major results.

Liu Ning said: “Design innovation is the same for a country, city, enterprise and entrepreneur. This is a pioneering creativity that keeps leaping with the times. In the new period of strategic opportunities, we will start from Yantai. With the support of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the People’s Government of Shandong Province, we will work together with the People’s Government of Yantai City to create an international industrial design city and focus on the implementation of ten major industrial design projects."

Subsequently, Liu Ning released ten major projects to create an international industrial design city:

1. Construction of Sino-German Industrial Design Center. The Sino-German Industrial Design Center is to implement the consensus of China-Germany Industry 4.0 cooperation. It is the highest-level Sino-German national cooperation platform in the field of industrial design. With the support of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it is actively working hard to settle the high-tech industry in Shandong Province and Yantai City. It brings together the strong strengths and international think tanks of China and Germany in R&D and design, intelligent manufacturing, digital transformation, and provides strong support for enterprises to continue to rise to the front of the value chain and upstream of the industrial chain. Currently, 24 international organizations in 12 fields have been formed. The integration of R&D institutions has provided more than 80 companies with Sino-German joint expert training on digital transformation.

2. Create the National Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Design and Research Institute. Shandong Industrial Design and Research Institute is the only "National Industrial Design and Research Institute" construction unit in the country in the field of intelligent manufacturing issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. It is an important deployment for the establishment of the National Industrial Design Research Institute in the 13th Five-Year Plan of the country to "design + intelligence". As the main direction, deep integration with artificial intelligence and industrial Internet will fully support China's breakthrough development of industrial design in the era of information intelligence and seize the commanding heights of global industrial design development in the era of intelligent manufacturing.

3. Hold the World Industrial Design Conference. The World Industrial Design Conference is currently the world’s largest and most influential top industrial design summit. It has been successfully held for three times and has participated in more than 50 countries. It has always been highly valued and supported by the state, provinces and cities. It is a showcase of Chinese innovation. , Facing the future, an important window for international innovation and cooperation. Last year, the World Industrial Design Conference was successfully held in Yantai with the theme of kinetic energy, and received wide acclaim and great influence. "We strive to make Yantai the permanent venue of the World Industrial Design Conference. , To promote the diversified cooperation of countries around the world on the conference platform, encourage and attract innovative talents and cooperation projects to settle in Yantai, and become the city card of Yantai as an international industrial design city", said Liu Ning.

4. Hold the International Design Industry Expo. The International Design Industry Expo takes the design industry as the connotation, the industrial design innovation industry chain as the extension, and the industrial Internet as the carrier of operation, with high-end equipment, information intelligence, urban quality, new materials and new technologies, consumption upgrades, cultural creativity, youth entrepreneurship, etc. For the flow of key areas, form a design industry display and cooperation hub with upstream and downstream supply and demand cooperation, complementary capabilities, and create a win-win situation, attract and display the cutting-edge achievements of global industrial design development and the gathering of high-end talents, and create a top international exhibition brand for industrial design.

5. Establish an international design industry organization. The World Design Industry Organization (GDIO) is the world’s first international design organization initiated by China and headquartered in China. It currently consists of members from 48 countries. It is a global innovation network for design industry cooperation. GDIO is for enterprises and entrepreneurs. Provide solutions such as industrial chain integration, innovative factor allocation, investment incubation, talents, design standards, market transformation, etc. The World Design Industry Organization was established in Yantai, and the secretariat is based in Yantai, which will greatly enhance Yantai's urban influence and at the same time strengthen China's international voice in the field of industrial design.

6. Build an international design town. Yantai International Design Town is located in the high-tech zone, with an area of more than 1,500 acres of traditional Chinese painting. It takes the innovative design science and technology innovation platform as the development core, integrates creative life, design business, and youth entrepreneurship to create a design-driven innovation energy field, focusing on attracting high-end design talents and Entrepreneurship project incubation, creating an innovative design ecosystem, lighting up the transformation of old districts with design, and turning industrial heritage into an internet celebrity check-in site, laying out the first domestic prototype innovation workshop, design entrepreneurship cluster, design neighborhood, national academy laboratory, and international master studio , Design Art Center, and Designer Hotel 8 functional clusters to promote the improvement of the city's innovative connotation and the co-prosperity of regional high-quality development.

7. Establish the China Industrial Design United Innovation University. China Industrial Design United Innovation University is an interdisciplinary, cross-international, cross-industry, and cross-university dual-innovation talent joint training platform jointly initiated by the China Industrial Design and Design Association and 40 famous design schools and enterprises at home and abroad. The project is a science and technology innovation mechanism and content that integrates production and education, and school-location integration. It cultivates high-quality compound design talents with international competitiveness, and provides new talent support and industrial innovation support for high-quality economic and social development. It is expected that there will be every year after completion. Masters and PhDs from 20 prestigious universities came to Yantai to innovate and start businesses, bringing abundant urban vitality and R&D resources needed by enterprises.

8. Initiate a design industry venture capital fund. "The design industry venture capital fund will provide strong financial support and vitality for the development of industrial design. We will adopt a dual coupling mechanism, guided by the government, and mainly raise industry and social capital, based on industry segmentation and design prototypes. The coupling point will give full play to the guiding and allocation role of capital in the development of the design industry, promote the transformation of technology and design achievements, and attract more innovative achievements and entrepreneurs to gather in Yantai." Liu Ning said.

9. Establish a design industry alliance. Yantai Design Industry Alliance is an enterprise-level cooperation and co-creation platform that emerged under the new situation, a platform for improving manufacturing innovation capabilities. At present, more than 120 enterprises have participated, including key enterprises in various industries in Yantai. It has been less than a year , There are 11 companies that have jointly established an innovation center. Some company representatives will sign contracts here today. As an effective cooperative innovation mechanism, the Yantai Design Industry Alliance is stimulating the innovation of Yantai enterprises, universities, institutes and social organizations Vigor, continue to form an increasingly high innovation competitiveness.

10. Hold the "Mayor Cup" Industrial Design Competition and International Youth Design Week. Any city needs an innovative torch with continuous appeal and leadership. The China Industrial Design Association and the provincial government have jointly organized three provincial governor’s cup industrial design competitions. Since last year, Yantai has hosted the mayor’s cup industrial design competition. , Liu Ning said, “We will hold International Youth Design Week and related industry design competitions and other activities to guide companies and all walks of life to understand design and develop design so that people can enjoy design and make design ubiquitous in this city.”